Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching Up

On Feb. 28th I took Hannah and Gabrielle to the Girl Scout Exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. We saw alot of great things.

Father and Daughter Dance 2-6-09

Leia, my baby girl. She has been getting up really early lately and crashing after dinner.

I like this picture because this is her mad/upset face. She is in the process of reaching for the door to close

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Think Spring

We are getting closer to Spring! Thank Goodness! At Hannah's school they are celebrating the 100 days of school.
Plans from now to Spring: Not in order
Valentine Pictures of the girls
Enroll Gabrielle in the full day kindergarten
Father/daughter dance
Girl Scout cookies delivery and booth sales 1st year
Kings Island for family vacation
My weight loss will be a daily task
Furniture buying- living room couch and curtains and lamp to match
Dentist, Vision, and Doctor visits for everybody
Swimming lessons for Hannah and Gabrielle
Soccer for Hannah and Gabrielle
Turn holey jeans into capris...maybe
Schedule mommy time and mommy and daddy time...when???
I know there is more but you get the idea.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out of the Crib

O Help Me NOW!!! Thats what I was thinking. I've been through this before but not by choice but because there was another baby coming. This time around I don't have that situation. Instead I took my time and this is the second time that I took the crib off. The first time it didn't work out. Leia wanted her bed back, she would cry till she was put back in it. This time, the ease was a lot better. During Christmas she didn't have her crib for three days so that might have helped.

She lines her babies all up on her bed and sometimes covers them up and she's right beside them. This is what she does when Im not beisde her helping her go to sleep. Last week we let Leia fall asleep with us then carry her to her room. This week she has been in her room while she falls asleep and Daddy or I will go and sleep in her bed and sneak out when we think she's sleeping. Twice she has went to sleep by herself with her babies. So this journey has been very good.
Her older sisters never stayed in their room so I always used the baby gate. Leia has been so good that I havent had to use the gate. She actually stays in bed!!! Well except for nap time, once I've used the gate. There is no more nap time. But she plays quitely. Goal- Take a picture while she is sleeping and a picture of her babies lined up. Coming

Pictures from the Bake Off

Saturday, January 10, 2009

All about Hannah

Yesterday Hannah came home and she told me she got her report card. I can't believe how well she is doing..well I can because I've got a letter from the township saying they are considering her for the high ability program. Hannah's teacher also confirms all the time that she is one of the smartest in her class. After I look at her report card I look at the school's newsletter and there it was...the Honor Roll list!!!!! Hannah was on it!!! That was so exciting. I want my bumper sticker, My Child is a Honor Roll student!!! LOL

Last night was Hannah's Girl Scout Bake off. She made the dessert all be herself, with a tad bit of help called White Chocolate Suprise with the new cookie Dulce de Lache. The bake off is supposed to be done as a troop by our troop didnt want to give up their Friday night, oh well. They had games, and face paintings and tatoos and then a performance from the Dancers of the townships high school. They also had a cookie stacking contest and afterwards they named the winner of the bake off. I don't know how many was entered but the winner was Hannah's cousins troop. In my opinion Hannah should of won. I have reasons why I say that but don't want to blog about it. lol Hannah got her Bake off badge and everyone tasted her creation! That was a fun night!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009

We didn't do much but we did spend it together. Our Family went to my husband's parents and spent the day over there on New Year's Eve. I know we can't make it to midnight so we stayed as long as we could. We played several games of dominos. I've never played it before and I thought it was a boring game but it was very simple and alot of fun for the girls to play.
I DVRed all of the countdown shows bc I never stay awake till midnight but my husband did and he woke me and we kissed and I went back to sleep.

New Years we had dinner with more family and had a fish fry get together. The girls/women played Uno and the men played card games.

Last night we had a very special dinner with my inlaws and had sparkling grape juice and used my mother inlaws china. She said she had to have it for a dinner party but then decided to use paper plates and she hasn't used that set yet wanted to use it, so she made a special dinner just to use the china. lol

New Years Resolution: Make more friends and/or get closer to the ones I already have. Read more books.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update of the family

My girls are so excited about Christmas. Gabrielle tells me everyday what she wants from Santa. We've had conversations about we don't always get what we want and that's okay because we are thankful for things that we have. The next day she forgets that talk. It's a constant circle with her. I hate to disappoint her but she will not be getting Biscuit the FurReal Dog for Christmas.

Anyway, Hannah is doing so well in her class. I talk to her teacher on a weekly basis and I had lunch with Hannah on my Birthday last week at her school. It was a holiday lunch, very special. I forget to bring my camera to show everyone. They had the piano playing and candles on the table. We had turkey, gravy, mash potatoes, dressing, green beans and a roll, and you cant forget the chocolate milk. lol
I got a couple of hugs from the other kids. I helped tie some shoes. It was a great afternoon.
Hannah's teacher said she is doing so well that she past 2 of the 3 tests to be excepted in the accelerated program. The third test will be after the holidays. I am such a proud momma!

It's Taleia's turn. :) It's amazing how fast they get bigger and even faster when they have older siblings. She is talking full sentences, using the potty chair sometimes. Some people think I'm slacking on that but I am in no rush to get rid of the diapers. I hate pull ups. I think that they takes longer for kids to get potty trained. So in the Spring when it gets warmer we will do it full force potty training boot camp! lol

So my Birthday was last Wednesday. I am 26! I finally bought a woman coat for myself. It's a black wool peacoat with a hood. I think that's what people call them, peacoat? Very City like, I love it! If you know me, you know I hate coats, they are bulky, hot, I feel that they restrict my movement. So I've always wore a heavy hoodie. Not only that but my husband bought me my first Dooney&Bourke!!!!!! It's supposed to be a Christmas present but I picked it out a couple of weeks ago and when it had a really good price at Macy's, so I told my husband about it. So It is wrapped and put away. I feel really good this year, like I haven't left myself out.

My husband turn 30 this summer. He works really hard. I should give him more credit for our happiness. I tell him sometimes what he's missing out, like the lunch at Hannah's school. But I see that it's my benefit bc I stay at home. I'm not a father so I don't know what the balance should be. My father was a workaholic and climbed the ladder and once he was on the top he worked long hours and was dead tired when he got home. I think that's what I see sometimes my when I see my husband. He's doing so good and improving at his job that he's going to miss things at home. I just had a light bulb moment. They should have a father daughter out to dinner night.

Goals for next month- I am going to get Gabrielle's school shots early because they have kindergarten round up in February for all day kindergarten. So I really hope that we get in the program.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catch The Stars Fitness Clinic

Saturday morning we went to the mall and Gabrielle got her pictures taken. Had lunch and took Hannah to the High school. Tamika Catchings # 24 for the WNBA Fever team was hosting a great event for the kids called Catch the Stars Fitness Clinic.

When we arrived we signed in and donated our can goods. We walked in the gym and Hannah had a hard time being shy. Tears were running down her face bc she didn't know anybody and she didn't know what she had to do. The volunteers were great and got her a buddy and I had to go bc it was sort of a drop off thing. With 200 kids and the volunteers there's no way parents and siblings could stay for safety reasons they asked parents to go.

While Hannah was at the High school we decided to use that time wisely and go grocery shopping. We went home watched a movie then after that we left to get Hannah. We got there a little early so I got her on video doing a relay race. At the end, Hannah got all kinds of goodies and I got Hannah's pictures taken with Tamika Catchings! How awesome is that!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Holidays are coming

The day after the Election I went through the storage closet and I wanted to see what our tree looked like since we got it from a very generous person from freecycle. Freecycle is a website where you post things that you would like to give away for free. It's great! Anyway I took the box out and open it up and the tree is absolutely perfect. It's a prelit tree and there's only a couple of lights that don't work but overall I couldn't ask for a more perfect tree.

Since there's nothing wrong with it I had planned on living it in the box for at least a week . I really didn't feel like putting it back into the storage closet because I arranged everything back really neatly, and the girls had plans of their own. They insisted that the tree has to be up. It was a 1-2-3 step tree so easy. We are saving the decorations for after Thanksgiving!

Is it me or does everybody just love Christmas decorations and collections! I can not figure out how I want my tree. I'm going through all of the collections and I really do love them all. I love the gold, bronze, silver, white, and even the more modern neon colors. So I ask my husband which colors do you like and he says the same thing. Since I can't make up my mind we just going to do the traditional red and green. This year I'm seeing a change.... The display trees don't have garland instead they are using ribbons and I'm thinking of doing the same.

I thought it was alittle crazy to put the tree up early...way early. But I think it's great. I think the holidays is a reminder that it's the people that count in life and now that our tree is up, I think it just helps us remember that much more.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Children's Museum

It's National Chemistry Month and we got free tickets to go to the Children's Museum. We saw some of the new exhibits and did a couple of chemistry experiments. The girls had a lot of fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


We had a Great Halloween! I never really enjoyed walking door to door and seeing strangers and now that I have children I really am against it. So this year and the last we did Trick or Treating and our High School and the Mall. The High School was a great experience bc they did so much for the holiday. They had games, a haunted maze, and tons of candy. They set up tables throughout a section of the school and decorated them and we said trick or treat. The turn out was amazing. I am so proud that our township does this.
We went to the Mall bc the girls were still in the costume and I wanted to use another Place Perks coupon and the radio station was telling people to get there and have more fun. We got there and I guess they were not set up for the candy instead that night they we only doing a costume contest and passing out candy on Friday night. I know there was alot of hot people bc there was a huge crowd, like shopping on Black Friday, It was crazy and no candy!!! The stores was telling people come back tomorrow, we'll have candy on Halloween. I'm sure they did but we didn't go back. Friday, Halloween night, we watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with Hannah and Gabrielle.
This year I didn't want to spend money Halloween stuff and I looked for ways to achieve this goal. Hannah and Gabrielle's costume was from last year so I just bought some cute accessories and I only got Leia a costume with a $10 coupon I got from my Place Perks so I ended up paying for half of it and it's really cute so now she can play dress up and I got a size bigger so she will wear it again next year. Money isn't tight but saving goes a long way.

Yes we can!

President Obama and First Family!
Election Day was the one of the most memorable days of my life!
Tuesday I watched the morning news to see the turn out. Some places had long, very long lines! My husband and I voted around 4pm with the girls and had no wait at all! But there was a line forming when we left. Talk about good timing!
I think my girls are alittle young to know what this really means but I kept Wed. newspaper for their babybooks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sept/Oct so far...

September was a busy month! Soccer practices and games, cheerleading, girl scouts, Labor Day weekend we did it all and still doing it! Last weekend was Hannah's birthday party. she invited 7 girls and I think 6 girls came. She had a really good time. In the pictures where Hannah is opening her presnts, it seems Leia was having just as much fun as Hannah! Earlier that Saturday Hannah and Gabrielle had their soccer games then Hannah and I went with the Brownie Troop for Apple picking at Anderson's Orchard. It was a very nice place. Great Apples, Apple Slushies, and Cider.

This weekend is the End of Soccer and Cheerleading but Hannah has the option to continue with Cheerleading for the Winter. I've missed alot of Gabrielle's soccer games bc Hannah and Gabrielle's were at the same times and I usually stayed home during the practices. So during the Games I watched Hannah's and Daddy watched Gabrielle bc he was the soccer coach this year.

I LOVE the month of October! The weather is beautiful and I love the Autumn activities. Sometimes this month we are going to a pumpkin patch, hopefully. For Gabrielle's birthday, I plan on taking the girls to the Children's Museum Haunted House and no doubt we'll go to Chuck E. Cheese. Gabrielle really wants a pet..any pet. She tell me all the time she wants a puppy. But since we cant have a puppy she has settled for either a turtle or a fish.
Leia makes full sentences now. It's amazing how well she speaks. I haven't tried potty training only bc Im not ready for it. I'm not ready for the panties, pull ups, struggling to get to the potty. Maybe in the next month or two we will start our journey!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sky Concert

We went downtown to watch the fireworks!

The Colts Slide
It's finally getting dark

Hannah's Cheerleading

Gabrielle's Surgery 8-21

McDonald's at Riley. Mommy had to get breakfast at 5:30am
6:30 Getting ready
These are the wonderful Nurses that took care of Gabby

Gabby right after surgery, it took about 2 hrs.
Later that evening, Daddy Got her the Pinkie Pie Pony that she's been wanting.
Back to sleep!
Ready to go home!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of First Grade

Sunday, August 10, 2008

At the State Fair

We did so much at the State Fair. We started out by seeing all the animals before the barns got hot and stinky. Then took the shuttle to the Riley Fun Park area. We did the Elephant rides then the Elephant show right after. Visited some booths like Radio Disney. We did the Riley fun park maze which the got a green hat and a snack at the end. And they rode the trackers that you see in the pictures. Then we sat down for the Tiger show. After the Tiger show we did the pony rides and from there we got on the shuttle to the Dairy Barn, which was my first time. I loved it. We got a chocolate milk shake to share, two grilled sandwhiches and cheese sticks. Yummy yummy!
After lunch we got on some rides. We got on the Farris Wheel, tilt a whirl, and they got on some ride where they lay on their bellies. And that was the whole day. I was so tired, I was more tired than the girls.